Solar Producers

Interested in Investing in Solar Technology?

One of the very first steps is to identify what kind of system you want or need. If you are unfamiliar with solar technology, the following are wonderful resources that will provide you with information on various types of systems, the risks and benefits, studies, state and federal incentives, and more.

Once you have determined what kind of system you'd like, hire a solar expert to help you verify what you want is what you actually need. The experts are able to design systems based on the building's energy usage, space availability, and on your personal goals. At the same time, they can perform a site evaluation. The site evaluation will determine whether or not your location is suitable for a photovoltaic (PV) system, and whether there are any issues with the building or location that will need to be addressed.

A list of contractors can be found at the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

RPU recommends evaluating at least three different contractors.

The maximum size system allowed for net metering is 40 kW; this is the same limit imposed by the State for net metering.

Contact Rochester’s Building and Safety department at 507.328.2600 to determine what permits are required or zoning restrictions prohibit the installation.

An interconnection application must be filled out prior to interconnecting to RPU’s system and you should become familiar with RPU's Rules Covering Cogeneration and Small Power Production. The rules provide information on metering requirements, rate information, definitions, and more. Application will be provided upon request.

For State Rules:

Minnesota Statute 216B.02

Chapter 7835, Cogeneration and small power production

Contact your property insurer to discuss the possible installation of your system. The State requires that you have liability coverage of at least $300,000.

Contact Stephanie Humphrey at 507.280.1639 with any questions regarding the application process or RPU’s interconnection rules & regulations.