1. Mission Statement

2. Board Reponsibilities and Functions

3. Board Relationship with the Common Council

4. Board Organization

5. Board Procedures

6. Delegation of Authority/Relationship with Management

7. Member Attendance at Conferences and Meetings

8. Board Member Expenses

9. Conflict of Interest

10. Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

11. Worker Safety

12. Customer Relations  *PENDING REVISION

13. Customer and Public Information  *PENDING REVISION

14. Application for Service

15. Electric Utility Line Extension

16. Billing, Credit and Collections

17. Electric Service Availability  *PENDING REVISION

18. Water and Electric Metering

19. Adjustment of Electric and Water Bills  *PENDING REVISION

20. Rates

21. Involuntary Disconnection

22. Acquisition and Disposal of Interest in Real Property

23. Electric Utility Cash Reserve

24. Water Utility Cash Reserve

25. Charitable Contributions  *PENDING REVISION

26. Utility Compliance

27. Contribution in Lieu of Taxes

28. Debt Issuance  *PENDING REVISION

29. Joint-Use of Fixed Facilities and Land Rights  *PENDING REVISION

30. Customer Data Policy

31. Life Support

32. Undergrounding Policy  *PENDING REVISION