RPU loves people who consider their energy usage when buying new appliances. With our rebate program, you can qualify for cash rebates when you buy new appliances that meet the Minimum Efficiency Requirements, which is often the well-known ENERGY STAR® designation.

A big THANK YOU to our customers and Trade Allies for making 2021 another great year for energy efficiency! View this video to learn how partnerships with customers and trade allies helped impact energy savings in our community.


Residential Rebates & Programs

Conserve & Save™ Rebates

Conserve & Save™ Rebates are for common household appliances such as: air conditioners, clothes washers, dishwashers, LED bulbs, and much more. Simply download and fill out our rebate application, send it in, and receive your rebate. Read more for an at-a-glance grid of rebates available and access the rebate forms.

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Service Assured® Underground Utility Repair Coverage Program

RPU’s Service Assured® Underground Utility Repair Coverage program can protect you from unexpected worries and costs caused by a broken water or underground electric service. Read more for details, pricing, and enrollment options.

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Energy Audits

We’re dedicated to providing resources to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible. Read more to learn more about our free workshops or how to schedule an energy audit.

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Commercial Rebates & Programs

Conserve & Save® Rebates

Businesses that are energy conscious may be eligible for rebates and recognition as an environmentally conscious business. Read more for a list of available applications.

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