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Residential Rebate Applications

2021 Rebates

2020 Rebates

Please note: 2020 rebate applications are only for purchases made from January 1-December 31, 2020. The deadline to submit these applications is March 31, 2021.

RPU Trade Ally and Energy Solutions Partner lists

ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebates* Amount
Clothes Washers $25-$90
Dehumidifiers $15-$25
Dishwashers $25-$40
Freezers $25
Refrigerators $25
Room Air Conditioners $25
Bonus Recycling Rebates* Amount
Dehumidifiers up to $15, for recycling of working units only
Freezers up to $15, for recycling of working units only
Refrigerators up to $15, for recycling of working units only
Room Air Conditioners up to $15, for recycling of working units only
ENERGY STAR® LED Lighting Rebates* Amount
LED Bulbs 50% of bulb or package cost, not to exceed $7 per bulb
LED Light Fixtures 50% of fixture or package cost, not to exceed $20 per fixture
Ceiling fans with LED Lighting 50% of fixture cost, not to exceed $15 per fixture ($25 for ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient models)
Electric HVAC and Water Heating Equipment Rebates* Amount
Central Air Conditioners Rebates starting at $100  
ECM Circulator Pumps $50-$600, not to exceed 50% of cost
Furnace Fan Motors Replacements $50
Air Source Heat Pumps Rebates starting at $100 
Ground Source Heat Pumps Rebates starting at $200 
Smart Thermostats $50-$100, only for Electric Heat Systems 
Heat Pump Water Heaters $60-$400, not to exceed 50% of the cost
Water Rebates* Amount
Clothes Washers $25
High-Efficiency Toilets $25
Rain Barrels $10
Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers 50% of cost, not to exceed $75 per controller

* For all of the above rebates, see applications for minimum efficiency requirements and complete terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: If a customer’s Rochester Public Utilities account is more than 30 days delinquent, rebate payments will be applied to their RPU account

Residential rebate processing questions:
Shannon Smith

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