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RPU offers many convenient options for paying your monthly utility bill. Read on to learn about each option and choose the ones that are right for you!

How to Enroll


    Download an enrollment form. Complete and return it in your billing envelope or mail it to:
    RPU Customer Relations
    4000 East River Road NE
    Rochester, MN 55906-2813
    Contact Customer Relations at 507.280.1500 if you need assistance.


    Click here to enroll online for any or all of the following three options. You’ll need your most recent RPU bill with your Contract Account Number and last invoiced amount.

Go Paperless

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Instead of receiving your utility bill in the mail, you can elect to receive an email that payment is due and your bill is available to view at www.rpu.org.

Budget Billing

Want to take the surprise out of your utility bill? With Budget Billing, monthly payments stay the same each month based on the average annual usage at your service address.

Each bill will show your Budget Billing amount due plus your actual energy usage. All Budget Billing accounts are re-evaluated annually. Your service address must be established for at least 12 months and accounts must be paid in full before signing up for Budget Billing. Payments must be received by the due date to keep your account on the Budget Billing plan. To make sure your bill is always paid on time, you may combine Budget Billing with one of the Automatic Payment plans described below.

Automatic Payments

Want one less check to write and ensure your utility bill is always paid on time? Supply RPU with a bank account or credit/debit card, and we’ll automatically deduct your payment on the due date of your bill. You will still receive your bill each month to review. To cancel your automatic payment, you must contact our Customer Relations department at least seven (7) days prior to your due date. You may combine Automatic Payment with our Paperless and Budget Billing options.

Other Payment Methods

Pay Online

Access your account and pay online through the RPU Online Access Center.

Pay By Phone

Call 1.855.210.2285
It is toll free, has no fee, and is available 24/7.
NOTE: When you call, you’ll need your RPU Account Number.

Pay Stations & Drop Boxes

You have two choices to pay your utility bill in person: pay stations and drop boxes. Pay stations with cashiers are available to help you face-to- face. Drop boxes are provided around Rochester to save you a postage stamp; you can drop your payment while you’re running other errands!

Click an address below for a map to the location.

Pay Stations

Drop Boxes