March 26, 2013 Meeting Agenda
4 :00 PM
RPU Service Center
4000 East River Road NE 55906

1. Approval of Minutes of February 26, 2013 Meeting APPROVED

2. Approval of Accounts Payable APPROVED


3. Open Comment Period
(This agenda section is for the purpose of allowing citizens to address the Utility Board. Comments are limited to 4 minutes, total comment period limited to 15 minutes. Any speakers not having the opportunity to be heard will be the first to present at the next Board meeting.)

4. Consideration of Bids: 2013 Underground Cable APPROVED

5. Approval of 2013B Electric Revenue Bonds Financing Team APPROVED

6. 2013-2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Outside Group, Local 949 APPROVED

7. Purchase of Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement APPROVED

8. Purchase of HCM Module (Payroll and Timekeeping Software) APPROVED

9. 2013 RPU Plugged In Addendum to Exhibit A APPROVED

10. Annual Update of Cost and Rate Schedules - Cogeneration & Small Power Production Rate (SPP) Tariff APPROVED

11. Dual Backup Control Center and Enterprise Data System (Discussion Item)

12. General Manager’s Report

13. Management Reports

14. Other Business

A special Utility Board meeting will be held at noon on Monday, April 15, 2013 at the RPU Service Center to set the parameters for the 2013B Electric Revenue Bonds.

15. Adjourn