January 25, 2011 Meeting Agenda
4 :00 PM
RPU Service Center
4000 East River Road NE 55906

1. Election of Officers
a. Election of President JERRY WILLIAMS.
b. Appointment of Board Secretary KATHLEEN WILSON
c. Assignment of Board Responsibilities by President

2. Approval of Minutes of December 21, 2010 Meeting APPROVED


3. Open Comment Period
(This agenda section is for the purpose of allowing citizens to address the Utility Board. Comments are limited to 4 minutes, total comment period limited to 15 minutes. Any speakers not having the opportunity to be heard will be the first to present at the next Board meeting.)

4. Best Value Procurement for Geothermal Optimization Project APPROVED

5. Update of Financial Liquidity Policy for 2011 A motion was offered and approved to accept management's recommendation on the cash reserve designations for 2011 as presented.

6. General Manager’s Report

7. Management/Financial Reports/Approval of Accounts Payable

8. Other Business The car allowance provided to the General Manager was eliminated effective January 1, 2011.

9. Adjourn