January 31, 2012 Meeting Agenda
4 :00 PM
RPU Service Center
4000 East River Road NE 55906

1. Election of Officers
a. Election of President JERRY WILLIAMS
b. Appointment of Board Secretary KATHY WILSON
c. Assignment of Board Responsibilities by President

2. Approval of Minutes of December 20, 2011 Meeting APPROVED

3. Approval of Accounts Payable APPROVED


4. Open Comment Period
(This agenda section is for the purpose of allowing citizens to address the Utility Board. Comments are limited to 4 minutes, total comment period limited to 15 minutes. Any speakers not having the opportunity to be heard will be the first to present at the next Board meeting.)

5. Proposed Replacement of 4th Street SE Reservoir (Discussion Item)

6. Consideration of Bids:
a. Hourly Contract Tree Trimming APPROVED
b. Lump Sum Tree Trimming APPROVED

7. Labor Relations
a. Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Rochester and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers regarding Ten Hour Water Operator Work Schedule APPROVED
b. Settlement of Grievance Regarding Response Time APPROVED

8. Approval of 10 MW Capacity Sale to Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency APPROVED

9. Fire Alarm System Replacement APPROVED

10. DNR Water User Fees APPROVED

11. Approval of Revised Board Policies (Discussed at December Meeting) CONTINUED TO FEB. 28, 2012

12. Additional Board Policies for Review (Discussion Item) CONTINUED TO MARCH 27, 2012

13. General Manager’s Report

14. Management Reports

15. Other Business

16. Adjourn