October 25, 2005 Meeting Agenda
4:00 p.m. RPU Service Center

1. Approval of Minutes of September 27, 2005 APPROVED

2. Approval of Accounts Payable APPROVED


3. Open Comment Period
(This agenda section is for the purpose of allowing citizens to address the Utility Board. Comments are limited to 4 minutes, total comment period limited to 15 minutes. Any speakers not having the opportunity to be heard will be the first to present at the next Board meeting .)

4. Consideration of Bids:
a. Single Phase Meters APPROVED
b. Silver Lake Plant Roof Repair APPROVED

5. Steam Project Change Orders:
a. Change Order 001 - Wrigley Construction APPROVED
b. Change Order 004 – Knutson Construction APPROVED
c. Change Order 003 – Himec APPROVED

6. Addendum No. 2 to Participation Sales Agreement with MMPA APPROVED

7. Addendum No. 1 to Steam Sales Agreement with Franklin Heating Station APPROVED

8. General Manager’s Report

9. Management/Financial Reports

10. Other Business

11. Adjourn