Conserve & Save® Rebates

Conserve & Save® Rebates

CONSERVE energy and SAVE money using the RPU Conserve & Save® rebate program!

Residential Rebate Applications

Electric Rebates

Water Rebates

ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebates Amount:
Electric Rebates
Refrigerators $25
Dishwashers $25
Clothes Washers $50 (plus $25 for water service)
Room Air Conditioners $25
Dehumidifiers (Recycle old and purchase new to qualify) $65
Freezers $25
Lighting 50% of cost, NOT to exceed:
Light Fixtures (See rebate application for details) $15 
LED Bulbs (10 watts or less) $15
LED Bulbs (Greater than 10 watts) $15
LED Light Fixtures $20
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs 50% of bulb or package cost
Additional Rebates Amount:
Electric Rebates
Central Air Conditioners Rebates starting at $100  
Air Source Heat Pumps Rebates starting at $100
Geothermal Heat Pumps See application
Furnace Fan Motors $50
Custom See application
Water Rebates
Clothes Washers $25 (plus $50 for electric service)
WaterSense qualified High-Efficiency Toilet $50
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzle $3 per nozzle
Rain Barrels $10 per barrel
Bonus Recycling Rebates:
Freezer Actual recycling cost up to $15
Refrigerator Actual recycling cost up to $15
Room Air Conditioner Actual recycling cost up to $15

Disclaimer: If a customer’s Rochester Public Utilities account is more than 30 days delinquent, rebate
payments will be applied to their RPU account


Residential rebate processing questions:

Phone - 507.292.1220


Other Useful Information and Links

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Kill A Watt Meter
RPU customers can borrow a Kill A Watt™ meter from RPU at no charge. These meters will help you determine how much electricity various appliances in your home consume whether turned on or off. Call Customer Service at 507.280.1500 to reserve a meter.

Home Energy Reports
RPU’s Home Energy Report program gives you a look inside your energy use. With easy-to-read graphs, you’ll be able to see how your home performs through the year, as well as over the past year. Here’s how it works: On a regular basis (bi-monthly), you’ll receive a report in the mail. The report compares your energy use to similar households in your community. The report gives you tips on how to reduce your energy use, giving you opportunities to improve the numbers in future reports.

Refrigerator Energy Use Calculator
Find out how much energy your refrigerator costs to operate and how much you can save when you purchase an ENERGY STAR® qualified model.

Green Design
There are many organizations, both locally and nationally, that are working on green building and design. This link has helpful websites, books, and magazines that provide information on this topic.